Teeth Straightening with Six Month Braces

Teeth Straightening with Six Month Braces  from $30/week - Sydney, CBD

Do you want your teeth straightened, but are worried about wearing braces? Is the appearance of your teeth causing you anxiety and confidence issues? Have you been thinking of Veneers or Invisalign. Do you want the smile you've always dreamed of, but don't know where to begin?

Macquarie Dental’s Six Month Braces is the solution to all of your problems when it comes to teeth straightening!

What are Six Month Braces?

Conventional braces can be very expensive, uncomfortable to wear and can also look very unpleasant. They can also take a very long time to work, sometimes taking as long as two years to provide results. Six Month Braces are a revolutionary new treatment, giving amazing results and a beautiful smile in just six months, without any of the negatives of conventional braces!

Six month braces have many benefits over normal braces and are:

  • Practically invisible
  • Comfortable
  • Cheaper than conventional braces

Saying Goodbye to Braces: Maintaining and Improving Your New, Beautiful Smile

Your time with braces was short, but that doesn't make their removal any less exciting. You've spent years dreaming of the day you can boast a beautiful, straight smile. And after one quick appointment, that day will have finally arrived.

At your visit, the dentist will remove the brackets you've worn for months. Suddenly, you'll be free to floss and eat like you used to. Only one thing will have changed: you'll have a set of perfectly straight teeth.

Why choose us?

Dr. Lutton is sought out to lecture in the new technique of short term orthodontics and is uniquely qualified in both dentistry and orthodontics, making him the perfect choice to create the smile you've always wanted. With years of experience in both dentistry and dental cosmetics, Dr. Lutton can take care of every aspect of your treatment.

Straightening your teeth is just the begining of getting that beautifule smile and unlike other dental practices we do the rest for FREE. This means that your teeth will be whitened and a mini dental makeover (if needed) will be completed for no extra charge, once your braces have been removed.

With the pioneering new technology of six month braces, Dr. Lutton is ready and waiting to help put the smile back on your face in no time!

We use only top quality products, brands, materials and techniques in our treatments such as:

For a new smile in just six months, call Macquarie Dental - Six Month Braces today on 02 9223 9000

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